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New Loom Knitting project!

Here's my 2nd hat on my round knitting loom! I love this thing!

Accessorize me....

This was a mess of a project.... started out as a wrap around scarf.  I had bought a bag of yarn at the local thrift store for $1.50!!!  6 skeins of yarn for $1.50!!!!!  So I started making just a little wrap around accessorizing scarf - but I ran out of the blue.... so my husband suggested - why don't you add another color to each end and just make a normal winter scarf.  I started adding purple to one end - but did too much.... so I connected each end making a loop but then I saw this pin (adding a wrap with a button) on Pinterest and thought...I can do that!  

Then voila....

Finger Knitting - So Easy!

This was another SUPER EASY Pin.... my 10 yr old step-daughter loves this because she can do it on her own!!  

Here's the link: Finger Knitting fun...the blue one I added some beads - turned out pretty cute!  The bottom one I did with t-shirt yarn.

Turquoise Wrap Bracelet

A little Pinterest / You Tube project I did - super simple... super cute...
Here's the link: YOU TUBE TUT!

Quoted from SparkPeople Community Highlights: ".....Whether my chances are 20% or 5%, those aren't great odds, so I am very grateful for all the knowledge and information I have gained here at SP from members and articles. For example, there has been a lot of discussion about the study on behaviors of successful maintainers. I'm doing my best to copy as many of those behaviors as I can. Behaviors like: 
- Tracking food daily
- Burning a minimum of 2000 calories per week in exercise
- Weighing daily

- Keeping eating out to a minimum ........Continue reading here

Tim SparkPeople's Marketing guru says: Just do something! Most of the battle is to just getting moving.

Mr. Hot Chocolate Snowman - "Pin"

I saw this and thought it was so cute... and there are different ways of making them so I will post the 2 ways I found to do them.  As you can see below I did the one jar version!  

I created a little round, cardboard tube for the center to hold the baggie of hot chocolate then put mini marshmallows all around the outside of the tube.  I used Ball - 1-1/2 Pt Wide Mouth Mason Jars (9 pk) but you could use tall peanut jars or do the (2) jar method. 

(1) Jar Snowman Method (2) Jar Snowman Method
We made these - Fabric Ornaments - last Christmas... Not really a kids craft although Sarah really wanted to try.  But it was even hard for me to keep the fabric in the wedges and to make everything straight.  Still fun to try...and After doing a few of them it got easier to work with.  The key is to use thinner fabric.