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Bang Bang Shrimp

If you've ever been to Bonefish Grill....I hope you tried the Bang Bang Shrimp!

It is WONDERFUL and we found a "copy cat" recipe!! Let me tell is almost as WONDERFUL! Spicy, sweet, creamy with a little bit of ZiNg!

Our Zucchini moved....

..... into the "BIG BOY" Pots.

We've got BIG sprouts of broccoli, tomatoes, & green onions. We have very small sprouts of jalapenos and we just planted sweet peppers yesterday so those we will be watching.....

Happy Easter-2010

Just some family pictures taken on a beautiful Easter morning!! We are all blessed!

Dan, myself, my parents and Bax
in the back yard.

Baxter the Pretty Boy!!

Dan and me on the front porch before our 8am Easter service!