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#Fit2Feast & #SparkTheSeason

In an effort to create a habit of blogging - getting ready for the #SparkTheSeason Challenge I thought I would post bout my workouts lately. 

Over the weekend I finally bought a exercise step! Sunday I did a step workout that was pretty good... I did a few moves with a little more intensity which felt great! I had my trusty "Supervisor" watching over my every move too! 

Then last night I did a Step Workout... LOVE RealFitTV on You Tube - Dana works your butt off!! 

I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with my elliptical.... I love how hard it makes me work... but I hate how hard it makes me work! LOL! 


I like the idea of the Spark Challenge... So I;m going to blog about it like my Spark Friend OHANAMAMA!

My Goals:

Get my 64ozs of waterExercising at least 10 minutes - it maybe stretching but it'll be somethingTake my InstaSparkPhoto each day Blog about challenge

I can't seem to keep up with my weekly wrap up... I gotta keep up with this!

10 Life Hacks For A Healthier November

10 Life Hacks For A Healthier November

Sometimes, switching up a daily routine or a common activity is enough keep from stagnating on our fitness and health journey. Here are a few life hacks – aka tricks, shortcuts, or novel methods to increase productivity and efficiency – that you can make to shake up those early winter blahs and have a healthier November.
1. Adopt a stair-only policy. For example, if there are 8 flights of stairs or less and you’re not lugging something particularly heavy, pretend elevators and escalators don’t exist.
2. Put a little less sugar in your morning coffee. If you’re a 2-packet cup of joe kinda person, wean yourself down by half of a packet for a couple of weeks, and then a full after that. If you have a sweet spot for flavored lattes, ask for 1 or 2 less “pumps” of syrup. They’ll know what you mean. Over time your tastebuds will adapt and you’ll be able to enjoy your morning coffee with less added sugar.
3. Eat your veggies first. Of course we all immediat…

November Challenges

For "NO EXCUSES" NOVEMBER - I'll be doing 3 challenges
Plank Challenge
Squat Challenge
SparkPeople's #Fit2Feast Challenge
I'll be keeping an update on my blog on SparkPeople