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Not Deprived - EMPOWERED

I haven't posted in a while - holidays, busy schedule, laziness, etc. But I'm back on the wagon and the image above really struck me considering all the junk that comes thru the doors during the holidays.  It's all about making decisions, sticking to them and how you think about it when you do stick to them.  Making the "shift" in your brain is not easy - the lil' devil on your shoulder will still pop up from time to time and if you indulge its OK but don't let it derail your whole day, week, etc.  On that same note here are a few ideas for goal setting.  This is what I plan to work on in the month of January.  
The 6 Characteristics of Effective Goals Challenging: Your goals should be realistic and suited to your present capabilities. You can’t go from habitual couch potato to world-class athlete overnight, or recover the “look” you had in your 20's if you’re pushing 60 right now. Small, progressive steps toward reasonable, long-term goals are crucial …