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15 Natural Mood Lifters

I don't know about you but I am highly effected by the winter months!  It's cold, it's get dark earlier and earlier, the holidays take over your schedule, etc.  I found this article on SparkPeople that had some great ideas for lifting the "ho-hums" of the dark winter months.

15 Natural Mood Lifters - Quick and Easy Ways to Lift Your Spirit

Here are a few more natural mood lifters you can try.Eat often and eat light. When you eat at regular intervals throughout the day you will prevent dips in your blood sugar that can negatively affect your mood. Plan your meals and snacks to prevent yourself from getting overly hungry, aiming for three to six eating episodes (total meals plus snacks) each day.
Limit refined carbohydrates such as soda, candy, cookies, and white flour, which are concentrated sources of sugar. These foods may give you an immediate rush of energy, but they will cause you to crash and fatigue soon after.
Include a small amount of lean protein at every me…

#SparkTheSeason - Day 2

#sparktheseason - Day 2 - Tradition.  Kind of goes with yesterday's "Lights" post!

Walked Bax at the park this evening...started out as a very gloomy evening but when I got to the park...the sunset showed it's self!  Gorgeous!

#SparkTheSeason - Day 1

#SparkTheSeason - Lights
Dec. 1-6 Goals:  1) 64oz H2O Daily 2) Stay w/in daily calories 3) Exrcse 5 x a week.