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These guys ROCKED - Mint Oreo treats With only 3 ingredients - who couldn't do these for Christmas!   So yummy and fun to make!  And easy enough for the kids to help...but ya gotta what those that might sneak a cookie. 

Latest Pin - Duct Tape Lanyards

Here's the latest "pin" project that we (Sarah - my 10 yr old step-daughter and myself)...

Duct Tape Lanyards - so cute... it is amazing the duct tape patterns that are out now!!   We bought JUSTIN BIEBER duct tape last weekend.  CRAZY!!

The "Pin a Week" project begins....

My plan is to do a "Pin a week" - one of the craft sort and one of the kitchen sort.  I surf Pinterest for hours-it's time to get busy!  Although we've been busy... as I will be posting some of our finished projects as we go and what we've finished in the past year! 

This is one of my finished "pins" - T-shirt scarf!  LOVE this project because it was so EASY!!!  I modified it a little but here's the link for the DIY Multi-Strand Scarf....