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Don't be upset with results you didn't get.....

You will never regret working out... can you say that about not working out?  

Weight loss:  3,500 calories = 1 pound

That sounds SO overwhelming but that doesn't mean you have to burn 3,500 calories. That means to lose 1 lbs in a week you have to create a deficiency of 3,500 calories. So you could burn some and cut back on some foods.

Exercise: Everyone is different so it's hard to put a "overall" rule out there but studies have shown that If you're trying to lose weight, 50 minutes of cardio exercise along with regular strength training might be what it takes to see the results you're hoping for. 

If I've learned anything - it's that you can't treat exercise like a convenience - it has to be treated no different than brushing your teeth everyday or like a lunch date with your bestie. Hence #2 below... MAKE A SCHEDULE - what workout on what day... done.  Now you don't have to think about it!

Here are a few rules from the Huffington Post that ver…


"Started over" today b/c I felt off kilter! I got off track w/ my schedule and then everything else got off track. So tonight I did #TURBOFIRE -#FIRE45 "new to class" and 72 mins later w/ 603 cals burned - I'm feeling WORKED! 


I don't know about you but by the time Friday gets here... I'm ready to ditch the logging (of food) and have a few bevies with a big piece of pizza. Then I beat myself up about it and do it again Saturday night. WHY CAN'T I STOP THE INSANITY??!! By Sunday I've come down off my craziness and get back on the "healthier choices" train!

While this isn't going to help my "bailing on healthy choice weekend" - one of my goals this week is to prepare my lunches the night BEFORE - so at 8:30pm I'm going to head to the kitchen and get my lunch stuff together. This is going to help me have more time to workout in the AM and get out the door easier! One step at a time - it's a process!

I ♥ this post (below) from Pieces in Progress (tumblr) - She has some great recipes, posts, At-Home workouts, motivational posts, etc. I'm constantly reading and looking for ways to jump start my brain for the weekend but I haven't found that switch yet! B…

So far....So Good!

Boy have I been a blogging slacker!  Ha!!  I haven't been an exercising slacker though!!  WHOOP!  WHOOP!  I will say - with the weather we have been having here - It's been awesome to walk to the lake and trails and a boost for my calorie burn too! 

So far I've done my first EVER HIIT WORKOUT!!  I have to admit - I could've given more to my very FIRST "HIIT" workout but I thought it might kill me! "HIIT WORKOUT" - just the name sounds intimidating so I was nervous. But since it didn't kill me - I'm looking forward to doing it again! :):

Thursday (8/15)

Friday (8/16) Got my CARDIO PARTY on that morning!!

Saturday (8/17) Core 20 / Stretch 40
I loved the Core workout - the stretch started out with more yoga than stretch - I just can't get into yoga.  I need to SWEAT to feel the workout - and with yoga I know it works, I know it builds muscle - I'm just not into that right now.  I WANT PUMPED UP WORKOUTS!!  
So this week I've started a Turbo…

Day 2 - ROUGH!!

Day 2 of TURBO FIRE was rough!  I did the Fire 30 again...trying to get my body used to the moves, fast pace, etc. My body was in denial!! Tired....tired...tired!  I'm sure tomorrow will go better however I plan to do the HIIT 15 and one of the stretch sessions! 

I've stayed under my calories for the past two days which doesn't sound like much but considering my calories lately... I"m feeling pretty good!  HA!
I did my FIRST TURBO FIRE WORKOUT this AM!! The "New to Class" was a huge help!! LOVE IT ALREADY!  I can tell when I start the actual "class" (instead of the "new to class") I will be POURING SWEAT but I ♥ the program.  High Energy ~ Motivating ~ GETS U FIRED UP!!!

I have to admit... when the first "Fire Drill" came up - I got a lil nervous but it ROCKED!!! Then the second one came up and my legs said "oh dear"...but it ROCKED too!  Now I'm not doing them at the "class" level yet... the "sumo burpee" thing is crazy hard - by the 4th one I'm needing a crane to get my butt up off the floor ...BUT I'm sure when I get thru one whole fire drill - keeping up with the class...I'll probably cry from "HOLY CRAP I DID IT!!!!!"  Ha!! 

More to come.....
- Get Movin' - Get Heatlhy! -

You are stronger than you think!

As I find myself a little nervous about starting the Turbo Fire program, I read this: You are stronger than you think!  I know it will be hard, I will sweat like a pig .... but I'm looking forward to the challenge and completing the program. 

I've never completed anything like this, I did a few of the P90X DVDs when I was in a church weight loss group about 3 years ago....and I lost 17 lbs!  And let me tell ya.... Those workouts were H*A*R*D!  But as the saying goes... "If it was easy.... Everyone would be doing it"! 

It's all about:

So I will begin this program with all of these inspirational quotes and move forward with one of my all time favorite quotes in mind ...

Are you Stuck?

Got this from Chalene Johnson's blog!  This is so true!!  People ask for advice all the time... How can I get motivated?  What can I do?  Only YOU can do the work, get yourself motivated, and make the decisions it takes to get healthy!!  It's NOT easy... if it were EVERYONE would be doing it!!  You will have ups and downs.... it won't always be butterflies and rainbows.  But you WILL feel good and ~ ENERGIZED ~ !!!

My Turbo Fire package is on it's way.  I'M PUMPED!  It's gonna be tough but I feel the need for a challenge.... and I'm SURE TURBO FIRE will do just that.

TURBO FIRE it is....

Looking forward to getting started on the program....

Las Vegas....

Got back from SUMMER MARKET in Las Vegas on Wed. AM (like 2:00 AM) - UGH!   Had a good time but I ate waaayyyy too much - didn't exercise enough - and considering how dry it was ~ didn't drink enough water either.  The time difference is brutal coming home so here I SIT on Saturday watching the movie "CLUELESS". 
 I should go out and walk to get my body moving!  I'm learning that LAZINESS perpetuates LAZINESS!!  That's a bad habit to start!!  

So my next big "deal" is to determine which to purchase - FOCUS T25 or TURBO FIRE!!!  

One minute I lean one way.... then I go the other way!  Walking will help clear my mind and then I will purchase!  Stay tuned...