Don't be upset with results you didn't get.....

You will never regret working out... can you say that about not working out?  

Weight loss:  3,500 calories = 1 pound

That sounds SO overwhelming but that doesn't mean you have to burn 3,500 calories. That means to lose 1 lbs in a week you have to create a deficiency of 3,500 calories. So you could burn some and cut back on some foods.

Exercise: Everyone is different so it's hard to put a "overall" rule out there but studies have shown that If you're trying to lose weight, 50 minutes of cardio exercise along with regular strength training might be what it takes to see the results you're hoping for. 

If I've learned anything - it's that you can't treat exercise like a convenience - it has to be treated no different than brushing your teeth everyday or like a lunch date with your bestie. Hence #2 below... MAKE A SCHEDULE - what workout on what day... done.  Now you don't have to think about it!

Here are a few rules from the Huffington Post that very few want to believe:

  1. You have to commit to it long term to SEE results.  
  2. You have to set up a schedule or follow one already made.
  3. Know ahead of time - you will not see results overnight. 
  4. Record your workouts so you can see your progress.


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