"2" Ingredient Cookies

I've been posting a lot of fitness/health posts so today I thought I would post a little treat... portion control is up to you. :) 

Just made these cookies!! LOVE how easy they are and I added a 1/4 chopped chocolate chips and 1/4 pecans - but I think if you just made them with banana and oats they would be good too. I chopped up the chocolate chips so they would mix in more and go more thru out the cookie... that was almost too much chocolate chips. I'll cut back a lil' next time.

I put the oats in a food processor (you could use a blender too) to chop them up a little. Added thawed, frozen bananas and blended until it was blended. The mix made 13 cookies for me... the other recipe I'm not sure it would make 13 cookies.  

The original recipe is the first pic - the second pic is what I made.

I added a few more ingredients.

Source: The Burlap Bag 

Autumn version: (Pumpkin instead of banana)

Summer version: (Peaches instead of banana)

Be kind to yourself and CELEBRATE all your victories along the way!


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