I did my FIRST TURBO FIRE WORKOUT this AM!! The "New to Class" was a huge help!! LOVE IT ALREADY!  I can tell when I start the actual "class" (instead of the "new to class") I will be POURING SWEAT but I ♥ the program.  High Energy ~ Motivating ~ GETS U FIRED UP!!!

I have to admit... when the first "Fire Drill" came up - I got a lil nervous but it ROCKED!!! Then the second one came up and my legs said "oh dear"...but it ROCKED too!  Now I'm not doing them at the "class" level yet... the "sumo burpee" thing is crazy hard - by the 4th one I'm needing a crane to get my butt up off the floor ...BUT I'm sure when I get thru one whole fire drill - keeping up with the class...I'll probably cry from "HOLY CRAP I DID IT!!!!!"  Ha!! 

More to come.....
- Get Movin' - Get Heatlhy! -


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