I don't know about you but by the time Friday gets here... I'm ready to ditch the logging (of food) and have a few bevies with a big piece of pizza. Then I beat myself up about it and do it again Saturday night. WHY CAN'T I STOP THE INSANITY??!! By Sunday I've come down off my craziness and get back on the "healthier choices" train!

While this isn't going to help my "bailing on healthy choice weekend" - one of my goals this week is to prepare my lunches the night BEFORE - so at 8:30pm I'm going to head to the kitchen and get my lunch stuff together. This is going to help me have more time to workout in the AM and get out the door easier! One step at a time - it's a process!

I ♥ this post (below) from Pieces in Progress (tumblr) - She has some great recipes, posts, At-Home workouts, motivational posts, etc. I'm constantly reading and looking for ways to jump start my brain for the weekend but I haven't found that switch yet! But as she says below... 
being healthy is a lifelong endeavor.

It happens to all of us- we get stressed, busy, or just unfocused. Our healthy habits take a back seat so here’s a simple guide to getting back on track. The most important thing is to remember that being healthy is a lifelong endeavor so don’t worry about mistakes or the past, move forward and create a better future for yourself!


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