Build muscle?

When it comes to reps and weight, heavy weight and less reps builds strength, while lighter weight, more reps builds endurance. ~Chris Freytag ~ 

Tid bits from Chris- 
"Studies show we talk to ourselves every day and 70 percent of self-talk is negative. Believe me, I do my own fair share of self-criticism, but I have trained myself to stop, breathe and reverse. Reverse the nit picking and be thankful for what I have, and how hard I work. When I teach a fitness class, I tell my participants, “You are awesome,” 20 times in an hour. I want them to walk out the door and believe they are awesome, so try a little of that on your own.

Be your own coach. Say you have a tough day at work, aren’t you excited to go home where you can exhale and be around people and things you love? That’s the kind of sacred space you can create for yourself in your mind too. Do you coach yourself back up when you are down? Do you say kind things to yourself when you are feeling particularly low? You will be amazed at the transformation you will experience when you start coaching yourself positively in your head. And the best benefit? If you are self-accepting, you always have a kind place to retreat when you need a recharge. You don’t have to seek external comfort that’s not as healthy, like the wrong foods.

Practice being kind to your body. Ever notice you feel awful when you overindulge and how terrific you feel after a cardiovascular workout? Your body is talking to you! Listen to it. Reward your body with water, fresh fruits and veggies, healthy cooking and controlled portions. Be kind to your body with stretching, walking, moving more and a regularly scheduled exercise regimen that works for your schedule."

Watch for more from her... I love her website.  She got tons of info and ideas for healthy eating, exercise and other sites to check out!


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