Be Miserable or Motivated - It's Your Choice.

Got a great workout in this evening!! Did a few things a lil different this evening - I jogged/walked around the lake, did bench step-ups (20 each leg), then did lunges up Windmill hill! That got the heart rate up!!! I love this town's park, lake and walking trails - it's so peaceful and pretty!  

I'm still motivated to get into better shape!! There are so many benefits of exercise - other than the "high" you get from the exercise itself - 
  • helps controls weight
  • as odd as it sounds it boosts energy (so weird that by DOING more you feel better and have MORE energy)
  • helps you sleep
  • reduces stress/anxiety
  • boosts confidence
  • sharpens your focus
  • get more done
  • need I go on..... probably not.  
It has so many benefits - why don't we all exercise more?  I know it's hard...if it were easy everyone would be doing it!  The hardest part is getting started - as Nike says "JUST DO IT".  Don't think about - JUST DO IT!  If you think about it - you WILL talk yourself out of it and find every excuse there is!

I'm leaving for a business trip on Saturday, will be back late Tuesday night... will be wiped out on Wednesday so I hope to get back to on track Thursday.  


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