Goals - Part 2

I found this article that really hit home with my last post so I thought I would do a "Goals - Part #2" just to keep that thought going....

This list is more geared towards weight loss goals but that may not be your goal at all...your goals may not have anything to do with weight but this will get your gears turning for ideas to set goals and (see image below)!!

This article was from the blog Delightfully Fit - 50 ways to stay motivated to lose weight. I LOVE IT! It was written by one of my FAVORITE fitness writers, wellness coach and trainer - Jessica Smith.  I'm not going to list all 50 but here are a few that I wanted to touch on:

1) Think wellness not weight loss. Do you only make good food choices when you are trying to lose weight? This could lead to rebound weight gain if you go back to your old habits once you’ve reached your goal. You have to eat every day, so why not eat better every day?

2) Set reasonable goals. Ask yourself if what you are trying to accomplish is reasonable. Trying to achieve too much in too little time can actually set you back.

3) LIMIT but do not ELIMINATE. This is BIG!!! Eliminating your favorite foods will just make you want/crave them more. Instead allow yourself those less healthy choices, but finding a way to limit your intake (in portion or frequency) to avoid feelings of deprivation. 

4) Pace yourself.  Baby Steps! Taking on too much at once is a recipe for disaster. Instead of taking on a bunch of new tasks you aren’t exactly looking forward to (a new exercise plan, new strict eating regime), why not take bite-sized action steps? Work on a goal you’ve been postponing...but just one or two.  Not a laundry list of goals you want to achieve in the whole year.

5) Celebrate the small victories! Remember that fitness is more like a marathon than a sprint. By setting small weekly or monthly goals you will be able to track your progress which will keep you motivated to continue as you reach them and step by step. And once you’ve achieved a goal, no matter how small, celebrate it! You don’t always want to feel like you are far away from the finish line – celebrate each milestone as you achieve it along the way.

6) Be kind to yourself. Give yourself a hug once in awhile! Train hard, eat right, sleep well, but once a week, allow yourself an indulgence. Enjoy your favorite dessert, get a massage, or simply take some time for yourself to relax. And don't feel bad about putting yourself first...if you aren't in good health you can't be there for anyone else!

7) Nix the “all or nothing” approach. It’s critical that the changes you are making aren’t “all or nothing”. Use a calendar and gold stars to reward the efforts you are making. It may seem goofy, but it gives you a great snapshot of your efforts, so that next time you miss the gym or start to go back to old eating habits, you are less likely to feel like you failed at everything and give up. - I'm so going out and buying a pack of stars!!

If you'd like to read the rest of the 50 ways to stay motivated... click here!

Be kind to yourself and CELEBRATE all your victories along the way!


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