How many "Fresh Starts"...?

How many times have you "started over"/"today's a new day and a fresh start"?  I'm so annoyed with the motivational quote "if you're tired of starting over stop giving up" - It's not that I give up... because I do keep going too!  I find the "wagon" and get back on track!  I guess I'm starting to realize this really is a lifestyle change that is going to have speed bumps, rough patches, times where I'm not focused, etc.  The point is I do get back on track - I'm tired of feeling guilty for my weekend indulgence & for losing focus!!

I was reading a blog post of a SparkPeople user that was really eye-opening! Everyone has bad days, everyone loses sight of their goals, it's part of life!  Life can and will always get in the way!  It's what you do after the stumble, set back, (whatever you call it) that matters.

How to Keep From Starting Over

Monday, September 02, 2013  - ANGELCITYGAL SparkPeople page

(I just posted these thoughts in response to another member on the message boards, and I want to remember them for myself. Maybe they'll be useful to someone else, too.)

Consider all the setbacks part of one journey. Then, when you encounter them, you don't see them as an end or a failure, just a rough patch. Remember that what matters is that you keep going, no matter how many times you've faltered, fallen down, gained some weight back, gained it all back, etc. We've all done those things. We've all had those moments and months. That's life. Just keep going.

It helps me to look for what I can learn from the setbacks and stumbling points. What was going on for me that I fell down, and what can I adjust to take better care of myself?

Planning is a good tool to prevent setbacks. So is compassion for yourself. Be kind to yourself when you have a slip. See it as part of a total picture of progress, rather than a failure. Don't throw out a dozen eggs because you drop one on the floor, if you follow me. Just clean up the mess as best you can, and continue cooking.

Fall down 100 times, get up 101 and you're a success. 

Today's activity - 306 cals burned / 46 mins!

Be kind toourself and CELEBRATE all your victories along the way!


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