September - It's time for some GOALS!

It's time to put some goals down on paper - I've gotten into a rut of .....blah, logging food..... blah, logging exercise.... forgetting what I ate... so I eat dinner then look back on My Fitness Pal and HOLY MOLY... Well, that day is shot!  So I've started a a written journal too. (I looked up FitBook pages - those are great journals but I didn't want to spend $30 just yet.)  I'm still gonna do my phone app but this will let me journal a little more too.  

So how does writing down your goals help? Well they won't help if they aren't realistic!  Take baby steps when first setting goals.  You shouldn't expect to lose 10 lbs. in a month.... so be realistic with what you set out to accomplish.  If you make it too hard on yourself - you won't stick with it.  Think LIFESTYLE CHANGE not - I'll do this until I lose 20 lbs. then I'm done with it.

Keep your fitness fun and different.... BUT make a plan, make a schedule, know what you are going to do each day for the week.  Make Sunday your planning day... ideally you could plan out your meals too but if you're not already doing that remember steps!  

Writing down your goals will also help KEEP YOU FOCUSED.  This is key for me... I lose focus way too easy.  Like a previous post... come Friday afternoon - I struggle with keeping my eye on the goals I've set for myself.

So here are my goals:
1) Don't indulge EVERY time I feel the urge... It's not always worth it so weigh the worth of the indulgence. This goes along with my goal to break the "dessert after dinner" every evening habit. I try to have low-cal desserts but I shouldn't have dessert every day.

2) Exercise 5-6 days a week

3) If I drink (on the weekends) - only 3 drinks TOPS!!

4) 1 cheat meal on the weekend - if I'm really good during the week 2 cheat meals for the weekend.


Yesterday (Sunday) was my rest day so today I KILLED it with:

TURBO FIRE - FIRE 30 - (30 mins) And this time I did the regular class... NO MORE "New To Class" - That was a GREAT workout and I kept up with it!!

And I did Jessica Smith's You Tube workout - Cardio Ball Blast (30 mins) - I ♥ her workouts.. She is AWESOME, Motivating and will get your ♥ pumpin'!  She has started a Fall Fitness Challenge so I thought I would try to keep up with her "class schedule" too but we'll see. 

So I'm putting my goals out there to keep me accountable.  If this doesn't work... you'll see me with a POST-IT stapled to my forehead!!  


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