Non-Food Reward Ideas!

It's important to keep yourself motivated and to reward yourself for sticking with it and reaching your goals!! Here are some non-food reward ideas!

First - Here’s how to set up a good rewards system:
* Choose some benchmarks and reward levels. (small rewards, milestones, and BIG GOALS)
* Make the reward meaningful to you.
* Small rewards can be used for meeting smaller goals. (maybe for tracking each day)
* Don’t use food as a reward.
* Plan to celebrate.

Sparkers Ideas:

* Buy yourself some flowers

* A pretty candle or bath stuff.

* New make up

* Start a reward jar…put in strips of paper each with a small reward and pull one out each
    time you reach a goal. Or you can put in $ for each goal you reach and then have
    money saved for a bigger reward when you reach a bigger goal.

* A new book

* New nail polish

* New jewelry, earrings

* A movie

* Going on a day trip somewhere cool

* Have a spa weekend at home just relax for a full weekend take the kids to grandma.

* Get scented candles

* Scented body oil let your husband (if you have one) give you a massage and just relax.

* If you crochet or knit - buy yourself some new seasonal yarn or beads for a jewelry

* New workout clothes

* New perfume

* New music for your workout playlist

* $20 to spend at Goodwill/ Thrift Store

* Some pretty for your house

* New DVD (movie or workout)

* A good flavored coffee

* New cool water bottle

* New gardening supplies (tools, gloves, etc)

* Keurig coffee maker

* Gym equipment (squat rack, new barbells, etc.)


* Healthy Cookbook

I'll continue to add to this list as I find ideas... 


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