Fell off the Wagon!

So this AM I decide to weigh myself.... (first time in a while) and I have to admit...I was SHOCKED!!!!  "Udderly" Shocked!!! And I'm going to post it here: 156.2 

Looks like Christmas, a business trip to Las Vegas, drinking "good beer", FREEZING COLD WEATHER and other excuses have caught up to me!!!  

So I MUST get back on the wagon... this was a true test that I cannot stray from my exercise schedule and logging my food!!  (With a few exceptions of course)  I can tell that I haven't been working out to my normal level nor have I been watching what I eat.  

What's ironic about this is - I watch fitness videos, read articles, etc. all the time "to keep myself motivated"... Ahhhh, I guess I've been putting that "motivation" in my pocket b/c until now... I haven't done much with it.  But we are back to it and ready to see some progress!!  

To get started here are a few things to remember:

Be kind to yourself and CELEBRATE all your victories along the way!


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