Best Ways to Plan Healthy Meals

I found this article from - It's so important to set goals and make changes that you can and will stick to.  

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you're planning healthy meals:

  1. Downsize portions - Change your perspective on portion sizes. Anyone can eat healthy foods, but portions are often much too large. Using a smaller plate also help you eat less because the smaller portions make it look fuller. 

  2. Think protein first - When planning a meal, the first thing to think about is protein. If you eat a balanced meal of whole grains with protein and fat, most likely you will tend to snack less and cravings for sweets is practically nonexistent. Aim for at least one serving of protein at each meal, which equates to about five ounces of chicken, five ounces of canned tuna, or a couple of eggs.
  3. Color your meals.  
  4. Eat salads. 
  5. Prep veggies.
  6. Stock-up on non-perishables.
  7. Allow yourself to indulge.
    Read more here: Plan Healthy Meals


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